Santaan Foundation is an initiative towards making India a better place for children. Through Santaan Foundation, we aim to eliminate all types of child trafficking which prevails in India. The idea was given by our most prominent founder, Mr. Rahul Shah who has a deep affection for children. He was too upset with the fact that in India it is a scenario too, that many young ones have to work too hard to satisfy their basic needs of survival. They have to beg or work in extreme conditions in order to live a life which contains not even three meals a day.

One day, he was going for a walk in a fine winter morning but what he saw that day totally shocked him up, he saw a boy of age around 4-5 years shivering in cold with nothing covering him begging for food but there was not a single person to help the poor kid. So he took the kid with him, gave him warm clothes to wear and offered him food and sent him to a child care unit especially for underprivileged children. While coming home he thought about the condition of others and finally decided to do something about it which most of us would not give even a thought to.

So, with a dream of making a change in lives of those underprivileged children, he with the help of some intelligent minds having same motive decided to register a foundation named “Santaan Foundation” to engage themselves totally in uplifting the conditions of those underprivileged children. Having the vision of making it large and to increase the reach of organization, they also decided to take the help of other organizations and people who could help in terms of resources or time. The main aim of the organization is to welcome a day in which, there will be no child who will be deprived from his rights.