Are you a Good parent?

One day, a father is out for lunch with his family. This family seems happy. Words are exchanged, mostly monosyllabic but they are exchanged so it seems like the family communicates. They seemed like any other Indian Family. The next morning, this father found his son dead. Why did he do it? Why did he take away his own life? Mother cried and cried. But father remained silent, looking at his son’s dead body hoping it will move. Father didn’t know what went wrong with his son. His son could have been anything he wanted to be. Father always told his son that he could do whatever he wanted. Why did then the son commit suicide? This mother and father saw their son’s eyes wide open, his limp of a body lying across the bed, the bedsheet on which was crimson, seeped in the son’s blood but he didn’t move. How could he? He was dead. Trafficking-e1354504232743
That day, a father lost his son. His loss was felt too painful and too hard. This son wrote a note, a suicide note. He gave all the excuses. He wrote: ‘ I am 14 years old. I am a teenager. And like any other teen, I was excited, eager, frustrated, curious and optimistic with what my life was. But what was my life? You were good parents. Mom and Dad, you were the best I could ever ask for. But I wasn’t enough. I never felt enough. I found waste in life. I was struggling to be 14 and act my age. I felt so old. Does age matter? Why can’t 14 be wise and 20 be stupid? Why can’t 30 be retirement and 60 work? I felt worthless. I was a wanderer, I was all over the place. I felt empty. I felt strange. I felt happy and then I felt extreme sadness. I was in a dark place. I tried mom, God knows I did Dad. But I lost. I was beyond empty. I was nothing. So, I quit. I finally made the cut.’
Suicide in India, among the children and teens, has become a common occurrence. Following up the foundation on which our country’s future will be built. The father tried to analyze and understand why his son went to the extreme end but all he deciphered was nothing. Maybe that’s what he wrote in┬áthe suicide note, nothing. Though, it can be so that he wrote everything. I believe a mind’s free reign to different realms of imagination can take ugly turns. When met with such flux, humans do go wrong in their analysis of right and wrong and tend to go down the false road. Suicide is not cowardice, it’s an escape, a permanent escape from external as well as internal conflicts. My intentions here are not to provide answers for I am incapable of reasoning why someone would take his own life. But what I do insist upon is awareness. Be acutely aware of your life in all emotional, physical and mental ways. For life is indeed hard and unfair. You must know that suicide solves nothing. Believe in living, in trying. Save yourselves from yourselves. You can live better. You can go on.

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